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The DIY claustra partition

Before after

I wanted to take care of this little wall with the office area behind which is the staircase for a while

At the beginning I wanted to put up a canopy but when I saw this concept I succumbed.

Then it is not at all the same budget because in total it cost less than 60 € all inclusive

And above all, it is very easy to do.

In a few hours it was complete.

This DIY is really accessible even for a beginner.

The longest and most important thing is just making your plan to calculate the size and spacing of each cleat.

And you can imagine everything (there are a lot of different models on the net)

You need a tape measure, a saw (jigsaw or manual if you are brave), a screwdriver or screwdriver, wood screws, fixing screws adapted to the support on which you are fixing the fence and cleats.

My cleats come from @leroymerlin (planed pine cleats 1.8 cm x 3.4 cm x 2.4 m high)

I took 18 to create the frame and for the horizontal boards (for a wall of 1.60m long)

You can choose the desired effect by choosing the size and spacing of the cleats.

At first I thought to paint it but I love it rough.

Maybe I'll hang plants on it.

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