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The shelf for 0 €

Sunday DIY.

How to make a nice shelf for 0 € with an old pallet.

Super easy and quick to make and especially to decline in all sizes.

We can even turn them into bedside tables the rendering can be stunning (I think I will when we take care of the work in the bedroom)

To make it you will simply need:

- a pallet or old boards

- small screws

- large screws

- of rope

- a sander

- a saw (hand or jigsaw)

- screwdriver or screwdriver

Start by removing the pallet.

I use a crowbar and take it easy to prevent the wood from breaking

Then we remove all the old nails.

I use a hammer to push them and pliers to tear them off

Then we go to the sanding step of the boards so that they are very clean and very smooth (I often use a grit of 80 then one of 120 to smooth)

Then cut the boards to the desired height.

Here I opted for a height of 75 cm

I cut the boards from the top and the bottom to remove the parts with the nail holes visible

Petit ponçage là où on a coupé pour lisser

Ensuite on travaille sur le côté le plus abimé des planches

On les décale comme on souhaite

Place 2 cleats or planks on the top and bottom to hold the planks together

Choose screws adapted to the height of the 2 assembled boards

I forgot to photograph this step but plan to cut and slip some rope before fixing to be able to hang the shelf

Then we fix

Then on the place of the support we draw a straight line to determine the location of the shelf at the desired height

Drill 3 holes (or more depending on the length of your support) distributed on this line (with a bit smaller than the size of the large screws)

The 3 screws are slightly screwed from the back so that they protrude from the other side

On the right side, place the shelf (on its edge) on the line by centering it on the support (I chose a shelf longer than the support on purpose.

Where the screws protrude, simply mark the marks.

Much easier than calculating and then missing yourself.

With the same drill bit as above, the shelf is pre-drilled in its depth at the marked locations.

It prevents the wood from splitting during its fixing

We fix everything

And finished

It is then fixed to the wall with the screws and plugs suitable for the wall.