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Sun pleated skirt

To make this sun pleated skirt you will need:

- A cardboard (fairly flexible, i.e. neither too thin nor too flexible) and in the length of the desired skirt to simplify folding (my flexible cardboard comes from Cultura and measures 80 x 50 cm)

- 1 meter of fabric (preferably a light fabric and 100% polyester or crepe) 140 cm wide (Attention 1m is for a short skirt of about 45 cm. For a longer skirt adapt the number of meters of your fabric)

- Thread, needles or sewing machine

- Cutter or punch to carry out the marking

- Elastic 1.5 - 2 cm wide

- Clothespins or small tongs

- Iron

Trade by cutting your fabric in 2 times 132 cm wide by 50 cm (50 cm being the height of the skirt. Adapt this measurement according to the desired height)

Be careful before you start, I advise you to do a folding test on your fabric to be sure that it keeps the folds well.

Take your cardboard and in the direction of the height draw dots alternating at 2 then 1 cm (while leaving a margin of 2 or 3 cm on all sides)

Be careful here I have planned fine folds but you can absolutely make folds of the width you want, the technique is the same

Do the same on the opposite side

Then with an awl or a cutter, trace the lines without piercing the cardboard

You get this

Then we mark all the folds in one direction

Then in the other direction

Then we do all the fan folding

Then we put a maximum of weight on it so that the folds take better

Then on the back glue a cardboard of the same size so that the folds do not move

You must get this tool

Place the tool under heavy objects then prepare the fabric

On each of the 2 pieces of fabric, make on the bottom (on the 120 cm length) a hem of 5 mm

We bend 5 mm then again 5 mm

Sew the hem all the way on each piece

Then on the top of each piece of the skirt, overcast and make a simple entry of 5.5 cm then sew

We then transplant 2.5 cm from this seam all the way to create the slide of the skirt where the elastic will pass.

Your 2 pieces of fabric are now ready.

Take the 1 st and place it on the tool

Very important attention: always check that you are parallel to the right and left of the box