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The headboard

Fan of the herringbone pattern, I dreamed of making a wooden headboard.

After some calculations here is the result and the DIY.

Necessary material :

- 2 lots of 6 planed pine cleats 23x23 mm on 2m40 Leroy merlin

- Walnut stain for coloring Leroy merlin wood (or paint or varnish ...)

- Leroy Merlin wood glue

- Miter box with a back saw

- Ruler pencil

- Gloves

- Greenhouse

- About sixty wood screws 35 mm long

- Sanding paper or block

The cost of this headboard is around € 30 if you have the basic material for cutting (miter box and back saw and sanding paper).

You can easily convert it into a wall and adapt it to all bed sizes easily.

The measurements I give for this DIY are for a 160 cm bed.

For the frame I cut:

- 2 x 167.5 cm

- 2 x 118 cm

- 5 x 70 cm

But you can of course make it more or less wide easily, even more or less high by adapting the measures.

I used 23x23 mm cleats but it doesn't matter if you take more or less thick or long cleats

The main technique is math so just calculate well so that the cleats are distributed and spaced correctly. It is just this point that is important to have a nice pattern.

This DIY is accessible for beginners without problem.

It only requires precision for a clean and regular job 👌🏻

For the headboard I used walnut stain but of course you can use varnish, color, paint and endlessly.

I can't wait to see your achievements and diversions 💚

Here is the DIY in pictures and video

You can also find the Facebook live made in the offices of Leroy merlin Aubagne by clicking on this FACEBOOK LIVE link or see more photos on my Instagram account roxanepom where I share your achievements.

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