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Pampa mirror

Pread photos and videos on my instagram account @roxanepom

The little new DIY DIY

Completed in 1 hour.

Pampa's herb mirror.

Nature offers beautiful things.

Thanks to @jenny_gevaert and @moncoinvintage

Now my screen is dressed đŸ‘ŒđŸ»

Copper mirror with hook @maisonsdumonde at € 9.99

Carrefour hair spray 1 €

Old table set

Glue that remained for fixing the plinths (patter without nails or screws)

For 10 € I now have a beautiful and large mirror 💚

So I filmed the production for you to show you how simple it is.

You just have to find the pampas which is found on the edges of lakes, rivers or sea (and do not forget to put on gloves because it is sharp)

Here is the DIY in accelerated video

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