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Give your plant pots a makeover

More photos and videos on my instagram account @roxanepom

How to make fashionable beauty with old, damaged ugly that you no longer like and that was waiting to be thrown away

I am in my period of recycling pots.

1st version the spray paint:

2nd version: 100% natural and biodegradable rope:

And as a bonus the photo of my original ugly and chipped pots.

Neither seen nor known 😅

The organic rope comes from @amazonmais a French seller and the rope made in France (I took 200m for € 9.99. I got excited about the quantity given all that remains 😱 We'll have to find another usefulness)

A gesture for the planet 🌍 because we do not throw away ugly and / or damaged things, and a gesture for the wallet to succumb to new trends without breaking the bank

3rd version: Tie & Dye

I finally gave the ugly Yucca pot a makeover.

Because of the size of the plant, it is impossible to think about repotting (well, I don't want to get started on the site instead 😬🤣)

So I did everything directly with the plant in it.

Same technique as last time: glue and rope (still with the same spool. I have the impression that it is infinite 😱)

On the other hand, the pot being charcoal gray and not having been able to bulge the inside, I opted for a tie & dye made with the rest of a spray paint

If you don't have a spray paint, children's acrylic paint works too 👍🏻

So it's less shocking with the gray inside

The stages are a permanent story as usual.

Cost of the operation: 0 € (I only use leftovers lying around in the shed 😅)

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