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Dinner table

More photos and videos on my instagram account @roxanepom

We love the large tables in raw wood.

Unfortunately the price is very often excessive.

So here's how to make a pretty wooden table yourself for 200 €

For that we get:

- 2 wooden trays here

- 2 table legs here

- Varnish here

It measures a little over 2m by a little over 90cm wide and is therefore 5cm thick

I bought these rough platters of approximately 2m X 45cm x 5cm

I took 2

They were all ready cut into the shape of the tree and already prepared

Cost of a tray 34 € on sale 15 days ago at @leroymerlin so necessarily at this price it is not oak but pine (very robust anyway 😅). With a good budget you can find beautiful trays but my entire budget is spent in opening and fitting the bay window for the workshop next month, so it's pine 😅

On the other hand, choosing your boards is a real headache to get the shape you want. I dismantled the store 🤣

2. Sand with a fine grain (120 then 180) to smooth the surface. I also beveled the edges visibly with the sander to break the sharp edge of the edges

3. Wipe and clean well (I always do it in St marc) and dry

4. Varnish with a special varnish roller. I used a special light oak color varnish for kitchen against water and stains: I put 3 coats

5. I put my trays flat on the ground to wedge them well side by side and I fixed these 2 magnificent feet from @lafabriquedespieds (they have a crazy choice). They are super tough, with superb quality and a very affordable price. I paid € 145 for 2 feet including postage.

Great after-sales service because they even answered my question on a Saturday afternoon in the seconds when I asked it 👍🏻 I simply fixed the plate already pre-drilled on my 2 plates with large wood screws.

Here is this table only required me 4 hours of work to break everything and therefore - of 250 € in total (with the varnish and the screws)

My boyfriend told me about making a resin between the 2 trays but for now I love it like that.

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