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A surfboard as a decoration

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A surfboard in his living room.

Even if you don't surf and you would like to have one as a decoration, I made a DIY for you to create it yourself without spending a lot of money.

We already have quite a few boards that we are surfing but I wanted to put a wood look (but it's worth 2 kidneys) down the stairs on this huge empty wall.

And since it is complicated to access it, it won't budge from there.

Given the materials used to decorate it, it will not necessarily go wet, but if you use suitable materials you can put it in the water without any problem (depending on the basic condition of the board of course)

The one I found in the right corner is 2m.

We do not realize in the photo but it is very large. Besides, it's difficult to take pretty pictures in a dark staircase without natural light and with a 50s iPhone 😬

The total budget is 65 €

If you can't find surfboards, a windsurf board can look the same if you work it upside down.

Draw lines, protect with masking tape and tarpaulin or draw with Posca.

And so on: we protect, we paint, we dry ...

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