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A designer wooden trash

I had a lot of constraints for this trash:

- it had to be pretty and customizable to match any kitchen (you can even make it candy pink if you want)

- that it is big (it is 50l and I struggled with the calculations. Besides, I did not calculate for another size sorry but taking out the trash every day is not my thing)

- it had to be washable and recyclable

- that the lid does not touch the waste (that's the thing that turns me off)

- that it remains open if necessary without pressing a pedal that breaks after 2 months or putting the batteries in an automatic thing that also works for 2 months (I have experimented with a lot of trash cans)

- that the bag remains in place and does not protrude from the trash

- get it out easily without the bag tearing apart even when filled and stuffed to death by dear family members. Changing the bag apparently requires 10 years of training in waste bin management 🤷🏻‍♀

- that it does not have a bucket with a handle which blocks and tears the bag and which annoys almost every time you want to take it out

- that it have a waste bin juice collector without having to clean everything in the event of an accident ...

In short, there it is!

It's been using it for months and it's great.

0 garbage juice and torn bag accident 👌🏻

And clearly the square trash can is great.

Besides, why are they 90% round? 🤔🤔

I asked Google the question and even he didn't have the answer 🤷🏻‍♀️

Of course there are some great designer bins, but I clearly don't have 200 € for a 30 l plastic bin 😬

Here is the DIY ...


- 2 pine shelves in 200x40x10 Leroy Merlin

- varnish or paint

- 1 door Spaceo Leroy Merlin

- A roll of PVC for the bottom of the drawer or the fridge (I used the one I already had at home).

The cuts to be made in the pine shelves:

More details here

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