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21 stickers of 5 to 14 cm (2,75 to 7,8 in)


For smooth supports (walls, metal, plastic, windows, ...)

If your support has been painted recently, wait 15 days before applying the stickers

Matt vinyl

Our stickers are easily removable without damage or residues on the wall

Holds up to 5 years

M1 approved

Lead chromate free

Reach & Rohs - compliant

Handcrafted in France

Delivered in a box with installation instructions


Packaging : 16x22x0.5 cm

Weight: 0.08kg


  • Important

    If your support has been painted recently, wait at least 3 weeks before applying the stickers.

    Some models are delivered with a transfer film to facilitate installation.

    The "white" areas appearing in photos are transparent areas.

    Please note: the photos may not represent the achievement to the exact scale.
    Please refer to the measurements in the description

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